Sunday, April 30, 2006

Going Away Party at Dylan O'Connors

On Friday, I invited some close friends to come out and have a few drinks with me at Dylan O'Connors. It started out as Curtis and I watched a bit of the hockey game and answered phone calls from my friends who couldn't find our table which was behind the bar. However, after people eventually found us we had a good old time catching up and talking about important things like bananna socials and Irish accents. Despite the band that was playing, not too many moves were busted out but as you can tell from the pictures we still had a great time.

Ian & I

Josh, Amy, Chris & Hillary

Minal, Stephen, Me & Jon

Geoff, Stephen & I

Catherine & I

The following is a short pictoral display of when friends get together, physical interactions escalate. Please be warned!!!

(sitting) Sherri & Matt

(sitting leads to hugging) Amy, Jon & Sherri

(hugging leads to. . . . licking) Jon & Dave

(and licking leads to. . . . . well lets just say all parties were happy when they left)
Geoff, Curtis & Jon

Thanks to everyone who came out to see me off. I'll see most of you at the end of summer, while a few others I'll be seeing in a month


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